Lego Letterpress

I have to give credit to for this post. The images are great, only thing is I wish I could give everyone more info about it but the article isn’t in English (guess it’s time for me to learn more languages, right?) But anyways, click here to visit the site and find out more.

From what I can gather, this the effort of “Physical Fiction,” the collaboration of two designers and their combined passion for the analog and digital. Read below what they say on their About page:

“Physical Fiction is the effort of Samuel Cox and Justin LaRosa.

We love pixel art and letterpress and couldn’t stand to see them exist separately any longer. So many Saturday mornings later, we have produced some prints that we hope you can enjoy on the wall of your home, office, spacecraft, or secret lair.”

Not much, but it gives you some idea of why they might be inspired to undertake this project: A letterpress made of Lego bricks. See below for pictures: