Them Bones, Them Bones, Them... Type Bones

I'd like to take a moment to highlight the some of the work of a brilliant designer from the Czech Republic, Katerina Orlikova. I stumbled upon her profile recently (as I often do for random and interesting websites, if there's ever any extra time in the afternoons.) What I discovered was incredible, and breathed new life into my love for the creative use of type. While in the previous entry I discussed making illustrations out of type, which is currently exploding in popularity almost to the point of cliche, here is someone who's work is truly refreshing.

First, I invite you to take a look at her collection of Type Anatomy. Here, I pulled just a few examples of the two animals that she choose to recreate using type. But not simply the exterior... the actual bones themselves. Below is the inspiration from which she drew, xrays of various creatures.

From this basic framework, came the following:

Two animals so often studied in the laboratory setting, the frog and rat, are recreated with loving attention to detail, out of Baskerville. For the pure enjoyment of the forms, we are forced, ever so gracefully, into noticing the organic nature of roman type.

Below are a few notable closeups of the above:

Just to highlight here Katerina's varied approaches to creative typographic use, she also created a series of Typographic Kaleidoscopes, where the tumbling pieces that are normally made from shards of colored glass are infused with new meaning. The pieces are instead made of letters. Gorgeous forms arise from the interlocking of the forms, once again creating an organic complexity.

See below some examples, also from her portfolio:

It's work like this that inspires me onwards in my search (and creation) of the creative use of type, and in no way am I claiming any credit for her work. Though I have never met her in person, I would be honored to, and honoring her is the pure intent of this post.

You can view her entire online portfolio here: