Before starting this post, I have to give credit all photos: they belong to a magnificent website which I'm sure many of you all already know about, if only a little bit:

This post is a little off the beaten (typography) path for me, but one well worth it. I know of very few websites that not only has an amazing selection of mid-century modern furniture, but also are genuine pieces still in production by the original manufactures, or else great reproductions. These are also searchable by company and designer, which is a plus. For me, one of my favorite sections on the website is devoted to, not surprisingly, Eames and Herman Miller pieces (which are, often times, one and the same).

All furniture and accessory pieces also include a little background, a little history so that the purchaser may fully understand the impact of the piece.


For example, the above sofa "is the last piece of furniture produced by the Eames Office, which completed the design after Charles Eames died in 1978. It went into production in 1984 and has been manufactured by Herman Miller ever since."

Only thing is, this quality costs. Oh well, it's still incredible eye candy. Click here to browse the Eames collection. Below are a few more Eames offerings, all of which are on the site.