Critique: Alternative Typeforms

A new exhibition came to the Thomas Anderson Roe art  building at Furman Unversity recently, titled "Alternative Typeforms" by Assosiate Professor of Art for Western Kentucky University Matthew Tullis. 

His artist statment talks about how he is attempting to create in this collection an "alphabetic gestalt, where the whole is more fluent than any individual piece."  He is illustrating this through either the photographing or recreation of vintage American signage.  Each of the 3-D pieces represents, according to Tullis, "natural decay," "contextual history," and his own "typographic sensibilities."  I believe he accomplishes his goal, in a well thought-out and beautifully constructed manner.

Here's to keeping these often overlooked and taken-for-granted forms in the limelight.  They too deserve our attention, and this show is a great example of the Creative Use of Type.